One Man & His Mic

The One Man & His Mic retro gaming music podcasts are now available on audio CD! These special CD versions of the podcasts feature full CD quality versions of each show - which are even better quality than the shows available for download! The CDs also contain extra bonus tracks to fill up the remaining space on the CDs. These are usually tracks that were earmarked for the show but couldn't be fit into the original podcast. Each podcast is presented on CD with full colour CD artwork which includes the full track details.

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One Man & His Mic Show #10 - 8-Bits At The Movies

One Man & His Mic Show #10 - 8-Bits At The Movies

Grab some popcorn, a fizzy drink and a big hot-dog as we're taking a trip to the Movies! Yep, for the 10th One Man & His Mic show I've immersed...


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