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Psytronik Software is a software company formed in 1993 when Jon Wells was looking for a way to release his C64 conversion of Sceptre of Baghdad. I offered to release the game for him but rather than do it through Binary Zone PD I created the commercial software label Psytronik Software. On this label I also released enhanced versions of Alf Yngve games including the Archetype & Cops III twin pack and the Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary since the release of Sceptre Of Baghdad I have re-released the game in brand new full colour packaging (something I couldn't do back in 1993!) Thanks to the amazing response I have had to the Sceptre re-release I have also now released repackaged versions of ALL the original Psytronik titles.

And that's not all! As well as the original Psytronik releases I have also officially licensed and re-released some stunning classic C64 titles like Mayhem in Monsterland, Creatures 1 & 2 and Armalyte on the Psytronik label. You can also pick up more recent C64 games like Joe Gunn and the stunning new C64 title Knight 'n' Grail.

Please note: When you order any of the Psytronik titles that are available on this site you will also receive a download link for the digital download version of the game. The .D64 and .TAP files that are included in the download can be loaded into a C64 emulator of your choice or even transferred onto real hardware if you have the capacity to do so - this will mean you will be able to play the games you have ordered straight away! Note: Please allow 24 hours for your download link to arrive.
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