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Dutch Breeze vs Krestology


Two titanic C64 demo releases from Blackmail and Crest have finally clashed!! Every single tune from both demos has been digitally recorded from the C64 for this awesome CD. The CD features 29 separate tracks in total (over 70 minutes of music!) and as an extra bonus the CD contains a track by Edwin Van Santen which was featured in the Dutch Breeze Preview ... !

CD Tracklisting:

01. Dutch Breeze Intro (Jeroen Tel).
02. Peter and the Dragon (Jeroen Tel).
03. 3D Loading Power (Reyn Ouwehand & Falco Paul).
04. Elite FLI Scroll (Reyn Ouwehand).
05. The Cow says Moo (Reyn Ouwehand).
06. Ode to Artists (Reyn Ouwehand).
07. Flip the Flop (Reyn Ouwehand).
08. The Collection (Jeroen Tel).
09. Soft and Wet (Reyn Ouwehand).
10. The End (Reyn Ouwehand).
11. KrameR (Reyn Ouwehand).
12. Dutch Breeze Preview (Edwin Van Santen).
13. Krestology Intro (mITCH & dANE).
14. Let's move, girl (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
15. Flipping Wild (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
16. Eagle Soft Inc. Intro (mITCH & dANE).
17. Super Hi-Res FLI Gallery (mITCH & dANE).
18. Turn it, Dude (mITCH & dANE).
19. The Pig says Oink (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
20. Simply Boris (mITCH & dANE).
21. Truecolor Dreams (mITCH & dANE).
22. The Guybrush Tale (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
23. Ode to Zoe (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
24. Take a Ride, Cowboy (mITCH & dANE).
25. Sunset (Giuseppe 'Xayne' Musardo).
26. What the hell is UFLI? (#1) (Morten 'MSK' Kristensen).
27. What the hell is UFLI? (#2) (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).
28. What the hell is UFLI? (#3) (Richard 'Deek' Rinn).
29. What the hell is UFLI? (#4) (Thomas 'Drax' Mogensen).

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