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Ocean Loading Themes (Limited Stock!)


One of the (many) joys of being a Commodore 64 owner is being able to enjoy fantastic loading tunes while a game loads in from cassette. Ocean Software were particularly good at treating gamers to fantastic loading themes as they employed the incredible talents of musicians like Martin Galway, Jonathan Dunn and Fred Gray etc.

For this CD I wanted to compile the definitive collection of Ocean loading themes. Not just the famous 'Ocean loading themes' from Martin Galway, Peter Clarke and Jonathan Dunn which are all present on the CD, I also wanted to include the loading themes that were specially produced for individual games. These include the phenomenal Rambo & Green Beret loading themes from Martin Galway, the ethereal Mutants theme and the poptastic Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Relax' theme from Fred Gray.

The CD also includes some early Ocean loading themes including their Novaload tune that was used in various early releases, 'Rydeen' from Martin Galway as featured in Daley Thompson's Decathlon, a special Ocean loading theme composed by Matthew Cannon + more! The CD even contains some "ocean inspired" loading themes from modern C64 releases - composed by Richard Bayliss these tunes are his tribute to the halcyon era of C64 gaming.

The CD is presented with glossy full colour artwork and is also packaged with a stylish colour card obi-strip.

Note: All the music on this CD has been digitally recorded directly from a real C64!

CD tracklisting:-

01. Ocean Loader v1 (Martin Galway)
02. Ocean Loader v2 (Martin Galway)
03. Ocean Loader v3 (Peter Clarke)
04. Ocean Loader v4 (Jonathan Dunn)
05. Ocean Loader v5 (Jonathan Dunn)
06. Daley Thompson's Decathlon Loader (Martin Galway)
07. Rambo First Blood Part 2 Loader (Martin Galway)
08. Mutants Loader (Fred Gray)
09. Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge Loader (Jonathan Dunn)
10. Ocean's Hit Squad Loader (Matthew Cannon)
11. Novaload Theme (Unknown Musician)
12. Frankie Goes to Hollywood Loader (Fred Gray)
13. Green Beret Loader (Martin Galway)
14. Zap Fight Loader (Richard Bayliss)
15. Blue Beret Loader (Richard Bayliss)
16. Ocean Loader v3 8580 (Peter Clarke)

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