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The Sound Interface Device CD (Vol. 1)


The original and arguably the best of the 'Sound Interface Device' music CD range! This CD features 20 stunning music tracks including the legendary Sanxion loading theme, Zoids and Master of Magic by Rob Hubbard, Rambo, Arkanoid, Comic Bakery and Wizball from Martin Galway and the CD also includes music from Tim Follin, Matt Gray and Ben Daglish too!

CD Tracklisting:

1. Dominator (Matt Gray).
2. Sanxion Loader (Rob Hubbard).
3. Arkanoid (Martin Galway).
4. Last Ninja - Wastelands (Ben Daglish).
5. Wizball (Martin Galway).
6. Zoids (Rob Hubbard).
7. Uridium (Steve Turner).
8. Comic Bakery (Martin Galway).
9. Bangkok Knights (Matt Gray).
10. Thrust (Rob Hubbard).
11. Miami Vice (Martin Galway).
12. Gauntlet 3 (Tim Follin).
13. Delta (Rob Hubbard).
14. Rambo Loader (Martin Galway).
15. Master of Magic (Rob Hubbard).
16. Mutants (Fred Gray).
17. Last Ninja 2 (Matt Gray).
18. Warhawk (Rob Hubbard).
19. Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Tim Follin).
20. Ocean Loading Theme v.2 (Martin Galway).

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