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Thalamusic (2CD Set)


This superb DOUBLE-CD set features tunes from every single C64 Thalamus game ever released! Each track was digitally recorded directly from a REAL C64, the music is not emulated in any way, this is 100% REAL SID music! The Thalamus games are fondly remembered by C64 fans for their stylish presentation, excellent packaging and the company delivered hit after hit time and time again. For this music collection we have tried to capture their style with the CD artwork which was influenced by the game Sanxion and features a stunning rendered front cover by Mark Hennessey-Barrett. The tunes were carefully chosen with the help of Andy 'Thalamus' Roberts, ex-member of Apex Computer Productions who actually assisted with the production of the hugely popular 'Creatures' games.

The music on the CDs is presented chronologically starting with the stunning Thalamus debut title Sanxion which was released in 1986. The music spans all the Thalamus games right up to their final C64 release, 'Nobby The Aardvark' which was released in 1993. As an extra bonus has kindly donated their amazing 'Thalamusik' track from 'Back in Time 2'. This is a specially updated version of the famous Rob Hubbard track that was featured on the Zzap! Sampler tape!

CD Tracklistings:

Disc 1:

01. Sanxion (Loader) [Rob Hubbard]
02. Sanxion (Title) [Rob Hubbard]
03. Delta (Mix-E-Load) [Rob Hubbard]
04. Delta (Title) [Rob Hubbard]
05. Delta (In-Game) [Rob Hubbard]
06. Delta (End Theme) [Rob Hubbard]
07. Quedex (Loader) [Matt Gray]
08. Quedex (Title) [Matt Gray]
09. Hunters Moon (Loader) [Matt Gray]
10. Hawkeye (Title) [Jeroen Tel]
11. Hawkeye (Power-Up) [Jeroen Tel]
12. Hawkeye (Hi-Score) [Jeroen Tel]
13. Armalyte (Loader) [Martin Walker]
14. Armalyte (Title) [Martin Walker]
15. Armalyte (Hi-Score) [Martin Walker]
16. Retrograde (Loader) [Steve Rowlands]
17. Retrograde (Title) [Steve Rowlands]
18. Retrograde (End Theme) [Steve Rowlands]
19. Snare (Title) [Martin Walker]
20. Thalamusik (Bonus Track) [Back in Time 2]

Disc 2:

01. Creatures (Disk Intro) [Steve Rowlands]
02. Creatures (Title) [Steve Rowlands]
03. Creatures (Shop) [Steve Rowlands]
04. Creatures (Torture Screen 3) [Steve Rowlands]
05. Creatures (End Theme) [Steve Rowlands]
06. Creatures (Preview) [Steve Rowlands]
07. Summer Camp (Title) [Mark Clements]
08. Heatseeker (Title) [Mark Clements]
09. Heatseeker (Unused Title) [Mark Clements]
10. Creatures 2 (Intro) [Steve Rowlands]
11. Creatures 2 (Title) [Steve Rowlands]
12. Creatures 2 (Get Ready) [Steve Rowlands]
13. Creatures 2 (Island Hop) [Steve Rowlands]
14. Creatures 2 (Torture Screen 5) [Steve Rowlands]
15. Creatures 2 (Torture Screen 6) [Steve Rowlands]
16. Creatures 2 (Demons 1) [Steve Rowlands]
17. Creatures 2 (Demons 2) [Steve Rowlands]
18. Creatures 2 (Hi-Score) [Steve Rowlands]
19. Winter Camp (Title) [Mark Clements]
20. Nobby The Aardvark (Intro) [Ashley Hogg]
21. Nobby (Title) [Ashley Hogg]
22. Nobby (Loader) [Ashley Hogg]
23. Nobby (America 1951 AD) [Ashley Hogg]
24. Nobby (Skyworld 1951 AD) [Ashley Hogg]
25. Nobby (Underwater Section) [Ashley Hogg]
26. Nobby (Space Station Labyrinth) [Ashley Hogg]
27. Nobby (Abandoned Ore Refinery) [Ashley Hogg]
28. Nobby (End Theme) [Ashley Hogg]

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