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Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 3 (C64 Soundtrack CD)



Due to the great feedback we received about the music featured in the third Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set compilation we have produced a superb soundtrack CD that contains ALL the music from compilation (20 tracks in total). Richard Bayliss composed the soundtracks to the game and did an amazing job creating a varied selection of tunes specially for the games in the compilation.

Standout tracks in the compilation include the Ocean Loader 3 inspired loading theme from Zap Fight, the brilliant Martin Galway-esque loading theme for Blue Beret, the powerful Matt Gray style music featured in Barakon, the amazingly catchy David Whittaker-esque in-game theme from Spy Rider and the atmospheric title theme from Operation Firestorm.

The 20 track CD is presented with glossy full colour artwork (featuring cover art by Oliver Frey!) The disc itself features a full colour design and the CD is also packaged with a colour card obi-strip.

Note: All the music on this CD has been digitally recorded directly from a real C64!

CD tracklisting:-

01. SEUDS 3 (Disk Menu).
02. Zap Fight (Loader).
03. Zap Fight (Title).
04. Zap Fight (In-Game).
05. Blue Beret (Loader).
06. Blue Beret (Title).
07. Blue Beret (In-Game).
08. Barakon (Loader).
09. Barakon (Title).
10. Barakon (In-Game).
11. Spy Rider (Loader).
12. Spy Rider (Title).
13. Spy Rider (In-Game).
14. Operation Firestorm (Loader).
15. Operation Firestorm (Title).
16. Super Tau Zeta 2 (Loader).
17. Super Tau Zeta 2 (Title).
18. Super Tau Zeta 2 (In-Game).


19. Sheep vs Fox DX (Title).
20. Sheep vs Fox DX (In-Game).

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