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Mayhem in Monsterland (C64 Soundtrack CD)



To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mayhem in Monsterland Psytronik Software has compiled this superb soundtrack CD featuring all of the music from the game digitally recorded from a real C64 in the Psytronik studio.

As well as crystal clear recordings of the classic Mayhem in Monsterland game themes the CD also includes a selection of bonus tracks recorded from other Apex C64 productions.

CD tracklisting:-

01. Mayhem Intro Theme
02. Mayhem Title Theme
03. Mayhem Sad Get Ready
04. Mayhem Happy Get Ready
05. Mayhem Jellyland
06. Mayhem Pipeland
07. Mayhem Spottyland
08. Mayhem Cherryland
09. Mayhem Rockland
10. Mayhem Sad Stages
11. Mayhem Level Complete
12. Mayhem Game Complete
13. Mayhem Demos


14. Cyberdyne Warrior Title
15. Retrograde Title
16. Retrograde Loading Theme
17. Creatures Title
18. Creatures 2 Disk Intro
19. Creatures 2 Title


20. Main Theme
21. Loading Game
22. Multi Voice
23. Ventura

Commodore 64 soundtracks by John Rowlands.

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