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The Epic Themes [2CD Set]


This fantastic 2CD set features C64 tunes that were too lengthy and epic to fit onto previous audio CDs. All the tunes are featured on these CDs in their entirety, they haven't been faded or cut short in any way! This amazing set features epic classics like 'Tetris', 'Kentilla', 'Parallax', 'Knucklebusters', 'Driller' and many more!

The CD's come in a double CD box and feature a deluxe full colour inlay which contains stunning 'rendered' CGI artwork (based on the game 'Parallax') produced exclusively for this CD collection by Preferred Image. This is easily the most ambitious CD project to emerge from Binary Zone Interactive so far and the CD's contain well over TWO HOURS of mindblowing C64 music in total!!

CD Tracklistings:

Disc 1:

1. Nemesis The Warlock (Rob Hubbard) - [7m 16s].
2. Tetris (Wally 'Hagar' Beben) - [25m 46s].
3. Kentilla (Rob Hubbard) - [13m 1s].
4. Breakthrough (Paul 'FeekZoid' Hannay) - [6m 51s].
5. W.A.R (Rob Hubbard) - [9m 58s].
6. Parallax (Martin Galway) - [11m 23s].

Total CD Running Time: 74m 16s

Disc 2:

1. Yie Ar Kung Fu (Martin Galway) - [9m 0s].
2. Knucklebusters (Rob Hubbard) - [16m 39s].
3. Driller (Matt Gray) - [8m 45s].
4. Trap (Ben Daglish) - [9m 45s].
5. Delta (In-Game) (Rob Hubbard) - [11m 42s].
6. Marauder (Barry Leitch) - [6m 31s].
7. International Karate (Rob Hubbard) - [10m 44s].

Total CD Running Time: 72m 49s

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