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One Man & His Mic Show #1 - Galway is God!


The first One Man & His Mic show features one hour of great music by 8-bit music legend Martin Galway. As well as some of his famous C64 tunes the show also features music from the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and Nintendo Gameboy along with remixes of some of his classic tracks.

Please note: One Man & His Mic is a NON-PROFIT production. The price of this CD covers the blank disc, artwork, packaging and postage. Any remaining money will go towards the cost of producing future shows.

CD Tracklisting:

01. Intro Jingle (Larsec)
1b. Comic Bakery (C64)
1c. Comic Bakery / Level 42 Mashup (Martin Galway)
1d. Wizball (Slow Poison)
1e. Crazee Rider (BBC Micro)
1f. Rastan (Glyn R.Brown)
1g. Runes Of Virtue (Nintendo Gameboy)
1h. Galway is God (Part 2) (Jogier Liljedahl)
1i. Short Circuit (THC / Flatline)
1j. Ping Pong (ZX Spectrum)
1k. Arkanoid (Lagerfeldt)
1l. Miami Vice (Reyn Ouwehand)
1m. Streethawk (C64)
1n. Wizball Hi-Score Prototype (Tonka)
1o. Game Over (Kenz - And Not Chris)
1p. Ocean Loading Theme V2 (C64)
1q. Galway music in commercial tracks (segment)
1r. Rambo Loader (Visa Roster + Larsec)

** Bonus Tracks **

02. Daley Thompsons Decathlon - Loader (C64)
03. Arkanoid - Game Complete (C64)
04. Rastan Saga - In-Game (C64)
05. Kong Strikes Back (C64)
06. Swag (C64)
07. Yie Ar Kung Fu II - In-Game (C64)
08. Short Circuit - In-Game (C64)
09. Match Day (C64)
10. Slap Fight - Title (C64)
11. Microprose Soccer - Title (C64)
12. Ocean Loader V1 (C64)
13. Times Of Lore (C64)


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Please Note: All the bonus tracks are previously unreleased PROJECT:GALWAY recordings kindly donated by ...

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