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One Man & His Mic Show #9 - Sing-Along-A-SID


The 9th One Man & His Mic podcast is now available on audio CD for your listening pleasure and this show is devoted to Commodore 64 music and remixes that feature vocals! The show features superb music from C64 acappella groups Visa Röster and Maybebop, stunning C64 album tracks from Makke & Tonka, a brilliant exclusive track preview from the forthcoming Monotron EP, THREE stunning tracks from the new THERMOSTATIC album 'Humanizer', a brilliantly bizarre Beach Boys cover from PDF Format along with some great C64 remixes from various scene heroes and various other SID + singing related shenanigans!

Please note: One Man & His Mic is a NON-PROFIT production. The price of this CD covers the blank disc, artwork, packaging and postage. Any remaining money will go towards the cost of producing future shows.

CD Tracklisting:

01. Yie-Ar Kung Fu *Intro* (Visa Röster)
02. Sanxion - It's Binary Baby (Makke)
03. Armageddon Man - Vocal Jazz Mix (Mahoney feat. Karin Öjehagen)
04. Unreal dimensions (THERMOSTATIC)
05. M.U.L.E (MaybeBop)
06. Little Computer People *Extract* (Anthony Rother)
07. My Number is C64 - Radio Edit (PVCF)
08. My Funky Ninja (Sonic Remedy)
09. BoulderDash - Commodore 69 mix (Mahoney)
10. Make Believe (THERMOSTATIC)
11. Giana Sisters - Keep Da Scene Alive (DHS feat Makke)
12. Sing-along-a-RealSID (Medley)
13. New Life (Monotron feat. Makke)
14. Ballblazer feat. Beastie Boys (Romeo Knight)
15. God Only Knows (PDF Format)
16. Dominator - Remix 64 Vol. 3 *Extract* (Tonka feat. Makke)
17. Pumpkin Man - BitLive Version (PRESS PLAY ON TAPE)
18. Til The End (THERMOSTATIC)
19. Human Race (Visa Röster)
20. Belong - Crystal Lake Mix 2008 (Tonka)

** Bonus Tracks **

21. Mega Apocalypse (N-JOY)
22. Follow Me - Trance Sample III (LMan)
23. Miss Park Patrol takes a Break (Mahoney feat. Elsa Persson)
24. Bangkok Bitlive (Octave Sounds)
25. Monty Hi-Score (Perhaps-a-Doobie)


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