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One Man & His Mic Show #11 - Musique Pour Sid Chips


I've been a fan of legendary French synth musician Jean-Michel Jarre for about as long as I've been a fan of Commodore 64 music (probably over 30 years now!) In fact, it was my love of Commodore 64 music that led me to the music of Jean-Michel Jarre - as I found I much preferred Jarre's synthesiser music over more traditional pop or rock music. With that in mind I began series 2 of One Man & His Mic with this special Jarre themed show.

The 1 hour show is devoted to Commodore 64 remixes done in the style of Jean-Michel Jarre and it also features some superb Jarre covers done on the C64! In this episode you will hear stunning Jarre style remixes by Marcel Donné, o2 and Razmo along with fantastic C64 covers of famous tracks from Oxygene and Magnetic Fields etc. - resulting in a show that is, as Jean-Michel would say, "a totally unique concept!"

As a special bonus I have produced a 20 minute 'hypermix' of three of the fantastic Project Sidologie albums from The mix contains snippets from ALL the tracks on the albums and can be found as bonus track 15 on the CD.

Please note: One Man & His Mic is a NON-PROFIT production. The price of this CD covers the blank disc, artwork, packaging and postage.

CD Tracklisting:

01. OMAHM #11 Intro (Marcel Donné)
02. Watch It (Marcel Donné)
03. Oxygene Part 4 (Stein Petersen) [C64]
04. Nemesis the Warlock (o2)
05. Phantoms of the Asteroid - Radio Edit (Marcel Donné)
06. Chronologie Part 3 (Phobos) [C64]
07. Zoids - Planet Flyby (o2)
08. Action Biker - In-Game Tune (Razmo)
09. Miami Vice - Sidologie Mix (Marcel Donné)
10. Ghosts 'n' Goblins (o2)
11. Magnetic Fields Part 4 (Tomas Danko) [C64]
12. One Man & His Magnetic Field - Radio Edit (Marcel Donné)
13. Rambo Hi-Score - Sidologie Mix (Marcel Donné)
14. Zarjaz (Marcel Donné)

** Bonus Track **

15. Project Sidologie (Kenz HyperMix)

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