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Soulless [Premium+ C64 Disk / CD / Poster]


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The long-awaited new C64 game from Trevor 'Smila' Storey and Georg 'Joe Gunn' Rottensteiner is NOW AVAILABLE! SOULLESS is an epic arcade-adventure for the Commodore 64 featuring a huge map to explore, stunningly detailed graphics and atmospheric soundtracks. In the game you take control of the cursed King, Rizek who was betrayed by his warmongering generals, robbed of his soul and transformed into a beast by Kalen the Wizard. Escape from the dungeon and search the nearby temple for 12 spirit stones. Place the stones in the correct order in the Soul Chamber to reclaim both your soul and your kingdom!

The Premium Edition+ disk version of Soulless is presented in a clear plastic case featuring superb full-colour cover artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Storey. This premium bundle also includes a Soulless A3 poster / map, 14 page comic book written and illustrated by Trevor Storey and a companion CD-ROM containing the game soundtracks, bonus 'making of' material + much more!


SOULLESS tells the story of Rizek, the ruler of a war-torn land who grew weary of battle. He declared a time of peace but was betrayed by his bloodthirsty Generals who wanted the wars to continue. The Generals plotted against Rizek and enlisted the help of Kalen, an evil Wizard who cast a spell on Rizek, transforming him into a grotesque beast, robbing him of his soul and casting him into a dungeon for all time. Rizek was locked away and forgotten for a thousand years - until a great quake shattered the walls of his cell. Rizek was at last FREE and began his quest to reclaim both his soul and his kingdom. And that is where your adventure begins.


• Massive map to explore

• Superbly detailed graphics

• Animated intro + end sequences

• Atmospheric soundtracks

• Searchable objects

• Re-spawn points

• 16 page comic booklet

• Companion CD-ROM

• A3 poster / map

• PAL and NTSC compatible


• The Making Of Soulless

• Full Length Promo Video

• Printable Spirit Stone Sheet

• Concept Art

• Soulless C64 Game (.D64, .TAP + .CRT Versions)

• Bonus C64 Demo

• Soulless C64 Prototype Edition

• Soulless C64 Soundtracks

• Soulless Remix By K8-bit

• Soulless Desktop Wallpapers

• Psytronik Software Promo Videos

• Map + Artwork

• One Man And His Mic: 30 Years Of The C64 - A Symphonic Celebration


Game Design, GFX + Artwork by
Trevor 'Smila' Storey

Game Programming by
Georg 'Endurion' Rottensteiner

Music by
Mikkel 'Encore' Hastrup

Packaging by
Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

SOULLESS - Now available for the Commodore 64. More details and screenshots from the game can be found in the Psytronik Blog.

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official Soulless promo video!

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