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Argus [C64 Tape + Map]



ARGUS is a stunning role playing adventure for the Commodore 64. Explore the lands of Argus that span 1500 locations on your quest to find and free the captured Starchild. ARGUS was programmed by Achim Volkers with gfx / design by Trevor Storey and atmospheric soundtracks by Saul Cross.

The tape version of ARGUS is presented in a clear plastic single cassette case featuring a glossy full colour professionally printed inlay with the instructions printed in full colour inside of the inlay. This version also includes a double-sided folded A3 map that will help you navigate the locations in ARGUS.


For decades Zoran has sat in the temple of lies waiting for his moment to free Legion from the pit. With the starchild kidnapped only one man stands in his way. Thoran son of Thryne.

The object of the game is to fight your way through the hordes of darkness and find the starchild. Find extra weapons keys and other items to aid you on your quest.


• 1500 locations to explore.

• Lots of monsters to fight.

• Collect items to aid your quest.

• Smooth 3D transition between locations.

• Animated intro + end sequences.

• Atmospheric Soundtracks.

• Game save + load feature.

• PAL and NTSC compatible!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical reasons the game save feature is DISK only. If you would like to save your progress during the game you will need a disk drive attached and blank disk to save your progress onto.


Code by Achim Volkers

Graphics & Design by Trevor Storey

Music by Saul Cross

Cover art by Trevor Storey

Additional packaging design by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

ARGUS (C64 gameplay video)

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this game.

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