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Psykozone [Budget C64 Disk]


Psykozone is the fourth game to be released for the C64 in 2008 by Psytronik Software and is NOW AVAILABLE!

This great game by Alf Yngve was part of the original Psytronik Software line-up and was due to be released in 1994. Unfortunately the planned enhancements for the game did not happen and the game was not released - UNTIL NOW! Richard Bayliss has continued the project and has delivered this fantastic enhanced version of Psykozone! The game now features a separate intro sequence (complete with digi-tune by FeekZoid), brand new front-end and extra enhancements including 'get ready' and 'game over' sequences + a cool in-game tune by Matt Simmonds (a rendition of the classic theme from 'Streethawk').

This budget C64 disk edition is presented in a full colour glossy sleeve and features a full colour disk label. The game also comes with an instruction sheet.


In the twenty first century the United States have collapsed into a myriad of independent regions. Some trade is being made between the regions by using a badly kept net of expressways known as the PSYKOZONE.

These stretches of road are practically lawless, ruled by gangs of road warriors and genetically-enhanced psycho-bikers. The object of the game is to reach the Pacific ocean by travelling through the most dangerous part of the Psykozone.

So load up with ammo, oil your engine, fill up your tank, secure the plutonium rods and brake for no-one!


• Intro sequence featuring story + digi title tune!

• Exciting 'Spy Hunter' style shoot 'em up action from Alf Yngve!

• Slick front end coded by Richard Bayliss

• Cool bitmap loading screen by Jason 'TMR' Kelk

• Excellent music from Matt Simmonds, FeekZoid & Richard Bayliss!

• Glossy full colour disk-sleeve + label!


Concept, Story, Graphics, Game Design & Artwork by Alf Yngve
Additional Coding & Enhancements by Richard Bayliss
Loading Screen & Title Screen Graphics by Jason Kelk
Music by Matt '4-Mat' Simmonds & Paul 'FeekZoid' Hannay
Packaging Designed by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie
Psykozone artwork coloured by Jon Wells


When you order this Psytronik Software disk you will also be sent a link so you can download the .D64 disk version of the game for FREE. You can load the .D64 disk image into any of the popular C64 emulators (including WinVice & CCS64) and this means you can play the Psytronik Software titles on your PC!

Help support Alf Yngve's fantastic C64 projects,
illustrating and novel writing via Patreon.

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