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Jon Wells C64 Classix Vol.1 [Budget C64 Disk]



Psytronik Software is proud to present Jon Wells C64 Classix Vol.1. This excellent compilation features FIVE full games from Jon Wells! The pack contains Sceptre Of Baghdad, Escape From Arth (2008 Special Edition), Blitz 2000, Blitz 3000 and the specially updated Shaolin+ which features a brand-new end sequence and improved controls.

Sceptre of Baghdad

CYCLOPS - the one eyed giant. MEDUSA - who will turn you to stone with just a glance. A burning desert, a shark infested river. All these things and more must be passed before the Caliph of Baghdad can recover the sacred sceptre and prove his right to rule his beloved country.

Blitz 2000

The evil dictator CRUX has built 20 space colonies on the moon and plans to use them to launch an attack on the World Government Federation! You must take control of a lone craft in attempt to destroy the colonies and thwart his plans. GOOD LUCK, PILOT!


You are the Shaolin Master's young apprentice Bruise Lei who must prove his worth and defend the Shaolin Temple. Battle it out with the evil henchmen, recover the 40 sacred idols and avenge your fallen master to reveal the secret hidden treasures and mystic scrolls of the Shaolin Temple.

Blitz 3000

1000 years have passed since the great war, and now our world is under attack again from evil hordes located on the planet Mars. As Galactic Ned, you must attempt to destroy all five space colonies using our Supersonic Neutron Space Craft(tm).

Escape From Arth

Take control of one of the cyborgs VOTO & VETI who have become TRAPPED on a doomed alien planet inhabited by deadly ROBOT FLYING OBJECTS! Use your wits, cunning, laser blaster and SUPER JETPAC to defeat your robotic foes. Keep your blaster topped up with AMMO PODS and reveal more locations on the mysterious planet by using switches to deactivate the generators.

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