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Sceptre Of Baghdad [Budget C64 Disk]


This special anniversary edition of Sceptre of Baghdad
is now available on C64 disk!

Sceptre Of Baghdad was originally released in 1993 on the Psytronik label but as we only had very limited resources at that time the game was presented in simple packaging with a photocopied inlay. Now at long last I can present Sceptre Of Baghdad as I originally wanted to - with glossy full colour artwork which was specially produced in the Binary Zone Interactive studio!

This budget C64 disk edition is presented in a full colour glossy sleeve and features a full colour disk label. The game also comes with an instruction sheet.

The disk contains the full Psytronik Commodore 64 version of Sceptre Of Baghdad which includes a custom disk-menu, separate intro sequence, the full game and an excellent animated end sequence (which was awarded 10/10 on the C64 game endings site!) As an extra bonus the disk also features the Funky FeekZax demo (featuring music by FeekZoid). The game itself was superbly coded by Jon Wells and features excellent graphics and presentation. The game also contains outstanding soundtracks by FeekZoid (the game was awarded 92% for sound in Commodore Force issue 3!)


All game code + graphics by Jon Wells
Music by Paul 'FeekZoid' Hannay
Cover artwork by Alf Yngve
Artwork coloured by Jon Wells
Packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

"Sceptre Of Baghdad will keep you engrossed for hours" - 91%
(Retro Gamer Sizzler)

NTSC Users: This game will work on an NTSC C64 if you load the game file directly from the disk (the game will not load from the disk menu on NTSC machines).


When you order this Psytronik Software disk you will also be sent a link so you can download the .D64 disk version of the game for FREE. You can load the .D64 disk image into any of the popular C64 emulators (including WinVice & CCS64) and this means you can play the Psytronik Software titles on your PC!

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