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The Epic Themes 2 [2CD Set]


As the first 'Epic Themes' double CD compilation proved to be so popular we have compiled ANOTHER double CD set which features an awesome array of lengthy C64 tracks. 'The Epic Themes 2' features tracks which just missed out on appearing in the first compilation, tracks requested by fans of the first CD and some tracks which we just thought kicked butt!

The 'Epic Themes 2' 2CD set is presented in a double CD box with a full colour CD inlay. The CD inlay features specially rendered artwork (based on the game 'Parallax' which is a track from the first 'Epic Themes' CD compilation!) The picture was produced by 'Preferred Image' and the layout for the inlay was designed in-house at 'Binary Zone Interactive'.

CD Tracklistings:

Disc 1:

1. Lightforce (Rob Hubbard) - [7m 31s].
2. Turbo Outrun (Intro) (Jeroen Tel) - [7m 52s].
3. Dominator (Matt Gray) - [5m 43s].
4. Thrust (Rob Hubbard) - [6m 49s].
5. Space Epic Theme (Paul 'FeekZoid' Hannay) - [4m 4s].
6. Last Ninja 2 (Mansion) (Matt Gray) - [7m 52s].
7. Times Of Lore (Martin Galway) - [9m 13s].
8. Kinetix (Jeroen Tel) - [12m 52s].
9. The X-Files (Jon Wells) - [11m 51s].

Total CD Running Time: 74m 8s

Disc 2:

1. Cybernoid (Jeroen Tel) - [6m 38s].
2. Flash Gordon (Rob Hubbard) - [6m 23s].
3. Sceptre Of Baghdad (Paul 'FeekZoid' Hannay) - [9m 29s].
4. Dark Side (Wally 'Hagar' Beben) - [10m 27s].
5. International Karate + (Rob Hubbard) - [8m 10s].
6. Gordian Tomb (Thomas Detert) - [31m 57s].

Total CD Running Time: 73m 16s

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