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One Man & His Mic Show #4 - The Last Ninja


OMAHM show #4 is now available on CD and is devoted to the excellent music featured in the 'Last Ninja' series of games. As there was so much material available for this show it runs for slightly longer than a normal OMAHM show (just over 79 mins!) This show features 20 tracks in total including remixes of the famous C64 themes from the Last Ninja games, RealSID recordings, music recorded from the Amiga versions of Last Ninja Remix and Last Ninja III along with lots of other Last Ninja related goodies!

Please note: One Man & His Mic is a NON-PROFIT production. The price of this CD covers the blank disc, artwork, packaging and postage. Any remaining money will go towards the cost of producing future shows.

CD Tracklisting:

01. OMAHM #4 Intro (Machinae Supremacy)
02. Armakuni's Journey (FeekZoid)
03. Last Ninja 2 [The Street] In-Game (C64)
04. Last Ninja [Big Beatnik Mix] (The Dead Guys)
05. Last Ninja 3 [Mind.In.A.Box Mix] (Stefan Poiss)
06. Last Ninja Engine [The Dragon Door] (Soa)
07. Last Ninja Remix [Amiga Tune #3] (Jochen Hippel)
08. Last Ninja 3 [QSO Mix] (Cirdan)
09. Last Ninja [Wildernest Beat Mix] (Betweenzone)
10. Last Ninja [Final Battle] (Nintendo NES)
11. Last Ninja [Palace Gardens Loader Remix] (Tonka)
12. Last Ninja 3 [Level 1] (Amiga)
13. Last Ninja [2001 Mix] (Glyn R.Brown)
14. Last Ninja [Wilderness Remix] (Shermann)
15. Last Ninja Returns [PS2/XBOX] (Török Zoltán)
16. Last Ninja 2 [Basement Remix] (Dave Brybe)
17. Last Ninja 2 Covers [Segment]
18. Last Ninja 3 [Fire - Echoes From The Past] (C64)
19. Last Ninja 2 [Mansion Remix] (Slumgud)
20. Last Ninja [End Credits] (Markus Schneider)


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