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Jam It [Budget C64 Disk]



JAM IT is an arcade style 2-on-2 basketball game for the Commodore 64.

Do you get confused by complex button combinations in modern basketball video games? In Jam It, just one button with your control stick is enough to make extreme dunks, jump-shots, blocks, passes, post-up plays and steals!

Featuring the most intense sports action and
entertainment ever crammed into 64K!

The budget disk version of JAM IT is presented in a glossy disk sleeve featuring Oliver Frey artwork with a full colour label. This version includes a printed instruction booklet.

As an extra bonus for collectors, the tape, disk and cartridge versions feature unique presentation differences, including an Alf Yngve character cameo!


• Supports 1 - 4 simultaneous players

• Realistic and challenging AI

• 4 difficulty levels

• 3 unlockable bonuses

• In-game on-screen commentary

• Halftime show mini-game

• Comprehensive statistics

• Original Oliver Frey Artwork!


Design, Code, Graphics and Audio
Leigh White @

Box Art
Oliver Frey @

Title Screen Art
Carl 'Mase' Mason

Title Music
Joachim 'Yogibear' Wijnhoven & Roland 'NEO' Hermans

Cartridge Packing
Georg Rottensteiner & Martin Wendt

Disk & Tape Mastering
Richard Bayliss

Braden, Sikkaz, Novastorm, Max, Sketch, DWZ, Ping, Andry G, Jodi G, Ed B

The cartridge version of JAM IT will soon
be available from

(Now available from the website!)

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