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Majesty of Sprites [Budget C16 + Plus/4 Disk]



Majesty Of Sprites is a stunning scrolling platform game for the Commodore Plus/4 and expanded C16, full of software sprites, gorgeous backgrounds, 13 huge scrolling levels, evil jumps to perform and diamonds and hearts to collect. The soundtracks for the game have been composed by 5tarbuck and Degauss, with an additional tunes by Luca too (who also composed the superb Adventures in Time soundtracks). Do not miss this incredible release that pushes the C16 & Plus/4 hardware to the limits!

* Requires 64K RAM expansion to work on a C16.

The budget disk version of Majesty of Sprites is presented in a glossy full colour printed disk sleeve with full colour disk label. This version also includes a full colour glossy printed instruction card.


• Runs on a standard Plus/4 or expanded C16!

• Superb presentation.

• Amazing software sprites.

• Massive scrolling maps to explore.

• Gorgeous graphics.

• Stunning soundtracks.


Created by: Stefan Mader (Mad)

Graphics by: Rainer Mühr (Nero) & Stefan Mader (Mad)

Additional Graphics by: Philipp Schweizer (Decca)

Music by: Ronny Krueger (5tarbuck)

Additional Music by: Ingo Jache (Degauss) & Luca Carrafiello (Luca)

Packaging by: Jason Mackenzie (Kenz)

Released by: Boyknecht (BKN)

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