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Amiga PD Music Mix 1 - 10th Anniversary [2CD Set]


In 1996 Binary Zone released 'The Amiga PD Music Mix' - a 90 minute audio tape featuring music recorded from various Amiga demo releases that were popular at the time. The music was recorded onto tape directly from the Commodore Amiga and featured slightly improved sound quality thanks to the Amiga 'sound-enhancer' device which basically added a more powerful audio filter to the Amiga, resulting in extra sound clarity. Unfortunately, at that time I had no way of eliminating the Amiga stereo sound split which meant some of the tunes didn't sound as good through headphones. Despite the extremely clear music recordings the fact that this was an audio tape meant unavoidable 'tape-hiss'. Those minor niggles aside it was a great compilation of tracks and acts as a nice snapshot of the Amiga demo scene at the time ...

... But that was over ten years ago! In 2006 I decided to revisit 'The Amiga PD Music Mix 1' and use the same advanced studio recording techniques and experience I have gained from recording C64 music for the last ten years. For the CD version of 'The Amiga PD Musix 1' I have digitally recorded every single track featured on the original tape directly from the Commodore Amiga. Once again I have used the 'Sound Enhancer' to improve the audio clarity of each track. Now I have full control over the audio I was also able to eliminate the problem with the Amiga stereo-split by slightly mixing the left and right channels together. This still retains the stereo-sound that is important to the music but now means you can enjoy the music through headphones as the 'drums on the left, bass on the right' type problems are no more! As an extra enhancement I have improved some of the original .mod tunes by porting samples from the tunes to the PC and improved sound loops + eliminated 'clipping' from some samples - The fixed samples were were then re-inserted back into the .mod files on the Amiga which resulted in recordings that are actually slightly BETTER than the original Amiga tracks!

CD Tracklistings:

Disc 1:

01. 1989 - A Number
02. The Story Is True
03. Guitar Slinger [bonus]
04. Fresh House
05. Showtime
06. Hysterical Baby [bonus]
07. Complex 'Final Bobs'
08. A Cure For Sanity
09. Tennis [bonus]
10. Wasteland
11. Equamania 2
12. Extremus [bonus]
13. Phenomena 'Joyride'
14. Scoopex Theme
15. Orinoco Cyn [bonus]
16. Silents 'Blue House'
17. Phenomena 'Enigma'
18. Attributed Horror [bonus]
19. Cell-Scape (B-Dang!)
20. Humanoid Invasion
21. Mahoney [bonus]
22. Silents 'Kewl' Tune

Disc 2:

01. Unreal Theme
02. Budbrain 'Africa'
03. Cream Of The Earth
04. Last Ninja Remix
05. Public Enemy
06. Majic 12 Theme
07. D-Mob Music Mix
08. Hunt For 7th October
09. Dynablaster Hi-Score [bonus]
10. Jarre Dreams
11. Surprise
12. Anarchy 'Madness'
13. Monty Remix
14. Intro-Fronty
15. Rise-Up
16. Street Jungle
17. Breeze [bonus]

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