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Sampling Is An Art (C64 Digi-Tunes) [2CD Set]


Sampling is an art ... Well, it certainly is if you only have a few kilobytes of memory to play with! But that didn't stop C64 musicians from producing amazing compositions by adding sampled sounds to their music. This 2 CD set features a superb hand-picked collection of classic C64 'digi-tunes' (3 channel SID tunes with extra sampled sounds). All the music has been digitally recorded directly from real Commodore 64 computers. As well as featuring many of our very own favourite C64 digi-tunes the CDs also include a selection of tracks chosen by Binary Zone PD site members!

CD Tracklistings:

Disc 1:

01. Arkanoid (Martin Galway)
02. BMX Kidz (Rob Hubbard)
03. Great Giana Sisters (Intro) (Chris Huelsbeck)
04. Emotional Breakdown / Offence (Geir Tjelta)
05. Arcade Classics (Rob Hubbard)
06. Savage (Intro) (Jeroen Tel)
07. To Be On Top (Intro) (Chris Huelsbeck)
08. Xenophobe (Barry Leitch)
09. Ricochet (Rob Hubbard)
10. Graphixmania 2 (Part 2) / MDA (Tim Kleinert)
11. Jinks (Chris Huelsbeck)
12. Turbo Outrun Intro (Jeroen Tel)
13. Ethnisound (Special Edition) (FeekZoid)
14. Eye To Eye (Intro) (Jeroen Tel)
15. Rocky Star (Kim Christensen)
16. CJ's Elephant Antics (Zzap!64 Remix)
17. Nightdawn (Johannes Bjerregaard)
18. Pro Skateboard Simulator (Gavin Raeburn)
19. F1 Simulator (Charles Deenen)
20. Netherworld (Jori Olkonnen)

Disc 2:

01. Skate Or Die (Rob Hubbard)
02. Afterburner USA (Jeroen Tel)
03. Combat School (Martin Galway)
04. Ferrari Formula 1 (Barry Leitch)
05. Trinity / MDA (Tim Kleinert)
06. Bad Cat (Chris Hulsbeck)
07. Slayer (Gary Biasillo)
08. Rock This (C64 Comics Group)
09. Grand Prix Circuit Medley (Kris Hatlelid)
10. Stormlord Intro (Jeroen Tel)
11. Dulcedo Cogitationis (Chris Huelsbeck)
12. 2400 (Jeroen Tel)
13. Graphixmania 2 (Part 6) / MDA (Tim Kleinert)
14. Hot Rod (Jeroen Tel)
15. In 80 Days Around The World (George Brandt)
16. Gothik (Gavin Raeburn)
17. Turbo Outrun (Title) (Jeroen Tel)
18. Game Over (Martin Galway)

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