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The Mighty Bogg (Albums 1 & 2)


Here's an audio treat for fans of the 'Compunet' era of demos. In 1986 The Mighty Bogg released two SID music albums into the scene via Compunet. The first was entitled 'The Bogg Collection Volume 1' and featured 14 tracks in total. This album contained some great covers of pop classics from that era including renditions of tracks by Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, Jean-Michel Jarre, Bronski Beat, Tears For Fears and more!

Boggs second music collection was simply called 'Bogg Album 2' and was made up of original tunes composed by Bogg. These included tracks with memorable names like 'Shoe', 'Lettuce', 'Detergent' and 'Grouting' etc. These tracks made excellent use of the SID chip and contain some quite unusual and distinctive instruments!

This CD contains ALL the tracks from both of the Bogg albums and each track also contains the gritty sampled intro speech where Bogg himself introduces each tune! As an extra bonus the CD also contains two nice remixes of Bogg tunes produced by Mr Back in Time - Chris Abbott! For the CD inlay and disc design I've used text and graphics from the Bogg demos. This is the first time I've produced CD artwork that is 100% C64 authentic! If you like 'old-skool' SID music then I can highly recommend this CD!

CD Tracklisting:

01. Big In Japan
02. The Snowman
03. New Song
04. Smalltown Boy
05. Equinoxe
06. Shake The Disease
07. Master & Servant
08. Rule The World
09. Rollercoaster
10. Bach Allegro
11. White Wedding
12. Kayleigh
13. What Is Love
14. Axel F
15. Shoe
16. Lettuce
17. Detergant
18. Grouting
19. Ftang Ftang
20. Jethro Walrus
21. Biscuit Barrel
22. Spiny Norman
23. Death
24. Crunchy Frog
25. Grouting (Remix)
26. Rollercoaster (Remix)

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