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PSYTRONIK - 20 Years [Limited Edition 2CD Set]



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Psytronik Software the Psytronik team have put together a special 2 CD set featuring music from Psytronik releases spanning from 1993 right up to 2013!

Disc 1 features specially selected soundtracks from various Psytronik releases. These include the epic in-game theme from the first ever Psytronik release Sceptre of Baghdad right up to the as-yet-unreleased in-game theme from the C64 version of Carling the Spider 2!

Disc 2 is a special CD version of the One Man & His Mic Psytronik Software Special podcast show. In this show you can hear Kenz tell the history of Psytronik Software from the first release right up to (and including) the C64 version of Hyper Viper. The show includes lots of music digitally recorded directly from Psytronik releases along with special remixes of various Psytronik tracks.

The Psytronik 20 Years 2CD is a LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEM (only 250 copies are available). The 2CD set is packaged with professionally printed full colour artwork including reversible CD cover and colour card obi-strip.

Disc 1 tracklisting:-

01. Sceptre of Baghdad - In-Game (FeekZoid).
02. Archetype - In-Game (FeekZoid).
03. Psykozone - In-Game (Matt Simmonds).
04. Sub Hunter - Loader (Maniacs of Noise).
05. Escape from Arth - Loader (Richard Bayliss).
06. Mayhem in Monsterland - Intro (Steve Rowlands).
07. Joe Gunn - Title (Laxity).
08. The Last Amazon - Intro (Tonka).
09. Knight 'n' Grail - Title / End (Hans Axelsson).
10. The Wild Bunch - Title (Jon Wells).
11. Oracle III - Perplexed Oracle (Tufan Uysal).
12. 2,000 Kung Fu Maniacs - Loader (Richard Bayliss).
13. Super Tau Zeta - Title (Richard Bayliss).
14. Soulless - In-Game (Mikkel Hastrup).
15. Redrunner - Title (Glenn Rune Gallefoss).
16. Assembloids - Title (Owen Crowley).
17. Guns 'n' Ghosts - Loader (Richard Bayliss).
18. Sir Ababol - Loader (Linus).
19. Cops - The Final Chapter - Title (Richard Bayliss).
20. Super Carling the Spider - In-Game (Joe Dixon).
21. The Vice Squad - Montage (Linus).

Disc 2 tracklisting:-

01. Sceptre of Baghdad Intro (DJ Skitz)
02. The Sceptre of Nu Baghdad (Kate Z)
03. Archetype - FZ vs JMJ Remix (FeekZoid)
04. Nukenin & The Ronin Title (TMR) [C64]
05. PsykoZone Intro (FeekZoid) [C64]
06. Sub Hunter Title (Maniacs of Noise) [C64]
07. Escape from Arth Title (FeekZoid) [C64]
08. Mayhem in Monsterland Title (Tonka) [PC]
09. Creatures Remix (Infamous)
10. Creatures 2 Redux (Infamous)
11. Joe Gunn in-game (Laxity) [C64]
12. Armalyte Loader (Martin Walker) [C64]
13. The Path Of Destiny - Knight 'n' Grail Subtune #2 (Project N.A.)
14. Knight 'n' Grail - Good Ending Orchestral Mix (Hans Axelsson)
15. The Last Amazon Title Tune (Richard Bayliss) [C64]
16. The Wild Bunch (Jon Wells) [C64]
17. Star Sabre In-Game Tune (Targhan) [Amstrad CPC]
18. Armalyte PC Title Tune (Infamous) [PC]
19. Adventures in Time (Luca / Fire) [Plus/4]
20. City Bomber - KateZoid Fusion Mix (Kate Z)
21. Sub Hunter CPC (Herve Monchatre) [Amstrad CPC]
22. HyperViper (Jamie Howard) [C64]
23. Sceptre of Baghdad Outro (DJ Skitz)

Please note: The tracks on disc 1 have been carefully selected so that none of the tunes are the same as tracks featured on disc 2.

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