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Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 4 (C64 Soundtrack CD)



For the fourth Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set Richard Bayliss yet again delivered a superb selection of soundtracks - enough to fill a complete CD! There's a great selection of tunes including the epic sci-fi themes from Tau Zero Reloaded, the stomping themes from Big Gun No.1, the super-spacey music from Edge Of Time, gritty Ocean-esque tunes from Expendable Army, the atmospheric Spy Rider soundtracks + many more!

The 23 track CD is presented with glossy full colour artwork (featuring cover art by Oliver Frey!) The disc itself features a full colour design and the CD is also packaged with a colour card obi-strip.

Note: All the music on this CD has been digitally recorded directly from a real C64 8580 SID chip - which is the chip Richard uses to compose his C64 soundtracks.

CD tracklisting:-

01. SEUDS 4 (Disk Menu).
02. Tau Zero Reloaded (Loader).
03. Tau Zero Reloaded (Title).
04. Tau Zero Reloaded (Story).
05. Tau Zero Reloaded (In-Game).
06. Big Gun No.1 (Title).
07. Big Gun No.1 (Title).
08. Big Gun No.1 (In-Game).
09. Edge Of Time (Loader).
10. Edge Of Time (Title).
11. Edge Of Time (In-Game).
12. Expendable Army (Loader).
13. Expendable Army (Title).
14. Expendable Army (In-Game).
15. Gigablast (Loader).
16. Gigablast (Title).
17. Spy Rider 2 (Title).
18. Spy Rider 2 (In-Game #1).
19. Spy Rider 2 (In-Game #2).
20. Spy Rider 2 (End Theme).
21. Super Silverfish (Loader).
22. Super Silverfish (Title).
23. Super Silverfish (In-Game).

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