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Darkness (C64 Soundtrack CD)



Darkness was a great release from Psytronik Software and Linus delivered a fantastic selection of atmospheric tunes for the game. The Darkness soundtrack CD contains ALL the music from the C64 game along with an unused in-game track. As well as the game soundtracks the CD also contains a superb hand-picked selection of tunes from Linus' back-catalogue, all of which have been digitally recorded directly from a real C64. This CD is a special treat for fans of Tim Follin as a lot of the tunes by Linus sound very Follin-esque! The CD is presented in a standard CD jewel case with a glossy full colour CD inlay.

CD tracklisting:-

01. Darkness Intro
02. Darkness Title
03. Darkness In-Game
04. Darkness Game Over
05. Into Darkness
06. Darkness Reprise
07. Darkness In-Game (Unused)


08. Grandma Was A Druglord
09. Jars' Revenge
10. Cauldron 2 Remix
11. I Don't Want Your Money Baby
12. Dungeons Deep
13. Ride The High Country
14. Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle
15. Enter The Ninja
16. Wild Bunch
17. I Swore A Vow On My Dying Breath
18. Streets Of Kleve
19. Fortress Of Narzod
20. I Sail At Midnight
21. Chronos In Time
22. The Vice Squad Montage
23. Dragon Jam
24. Senior Nielson Licking Velvet
25. Linus Yojimbo
26. Special Agent Rocco Montefiori
27. On The Road Again

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