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The Sound Interface Device CD (Vol. 3)


This CD was produced in a slightly different way to the first two. All the tracks were voted for by people who heard the first Sound Interface Device CD's! The resulting compilation was one the most varied and diverse CDs so far ... The nice GOLD logo was rendered by Preferred Image (who did the artwork for all the 'SID' CD's).

CD Tracklisting:

1. Last Ninja 2 - Basement Loader (Matt Gray).
2. Crazy Comets (Rob Hubbard).
3. LED Storm (Tim Follin).
4. Creatures 2 (Steve Rowlands).
5. Platoon (Jonathan Dunn).
6. Jordan vs Bird - One on One (Rob Hubbard).
7. Panther (David Whittaker).
8. Batman the Movie (Matthew Cannon).
9. Re-Bounder (Ben Daglish).
10. Turbocharge (Sean Connolly).
11. Combat School (Martin Galway).
12. Incredible Shrinking Sphere (Anthony Lees).
13. Dominion v.1 (Martin Walker).
14. Slayer (Gary Biasillo).
15. Commando (Rob Hubbard).
16. Zybex (Adam Gilmore).
17. Tusker (Matt Gray).
18. Bombo (Ben Daglish).
19. Terra Cresta (Martin Galway).
20. Hunter's Moon - Loader (Matt Gray).
21. Ghosts 'n' Goblins (Mark Cooksey).
22. Ocean Loading Theme v.4 (Jonathan Dunn).
23. Microprose Soccer Intro (Martin Galway).
24. Bubble Bobble (Peter Clarke).

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