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Metal Warrior Quadrilogy (C64 Soundtrack 2CD Set)



This is a fantastic 2 x CD set that contains the complete soundtracks from the first four METAL WARRIOR games by Lasse Öörni! The CDs are jam-packed with all of the amazing C64 themes from the hit series of games. As well as the original C64 music from the games CD2 contains themes from HESSIAN & STEEL RANGER along with 3 x stunning remixes!

Please note that the CDs do NOT contain the music from the new MW ULTRA game - the music from that game is available on a separate CD [CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!]

The CDs are presented in a 2xCD jewel case with a professionally printed full colour inlay complete with obi-strip.

CD 1 tracklisting:-

Metal Warrior 1

1. Loader.
2. Title Theme.
3. City Depression.
4. Into The Forest.
5. The Assault.
6. Bowels Of Earth.
7. Inside Theme.
8. Boss Encounter.
9. End Of Life.
10. Hi-Score Theme.
11. Chapter Break.
12. Finale Cleared.
13. Victory Theme.

Metal Warrior 2

14. Loader.
15. Title Theme.
16. Battle Has Ended.
17. Wastelands.
18. Law Of The Street.
19. Subterranean.
20. Rocks Fall.
21. Speed Metal Bossfight.
22. Conversation.
23. Fallen Heroine.
24. Lab Cleared.
25. Black Metal Interlude.
26. Victory & Glory.

Metal Warrior 3

27. Loader.
28. Thirst For Vengeance.
29. Ripped To The Max.
30. The Battle Must Go On.
31. A Search For Glory.
32. Hideaway.
33. Apocalypse Inc.
34. Fallen Glory.
35. Burden Of A Lifetime.
36. Merciless March (Boss).
37. The Quest.
38. Keep It Up.
39. True Feelings.
40. Penetrating Moonlight.
41. Dangerous Meeting.
42. Who Killed My Squirrel?

CD 2 tracklisting:-

Metal Warrior 4

1. The Chosen Path.
2. Covert Ops in 2D.
3. The Farm.
4. Agency HQ March.
5. Subway & City Theme.
6. Deadly Force.
7. Forest Encounter.
8. Black Ops Training.
9. Tunnels.
10. Research Facility.
11. Investigations.
12. The Sky Is Red.
13. The Abduction.
14. Out Of This World.
15. Spooky Wookie.
16. Agency HQ Fight.
17. Escape Tunnel.
18. Identified Alien Craft.
19. Fighters Been Hit.
20. Pantera Warriors.
21. Threshold Guardian.
22. Postmortal.
23. Lamentation Of The Agent (Ending).
24. Game Over Medley.

Bonus Tracks

25. Hessian (Title Theme).
26. Hessian (Warehouse).
27. Hessian (Laboratory).
28. Hessian (Destruction).
29. Steel Ranger (Title Theme).
30. Steel Ranger (Caves).
31. Steel Ranger (Machine City).
32. Steel Ranger (Mining Complex).
33. Steel Ranger (Derelict Vault).
34. Steel Ranger (Planet Surface Remix).
35. Steel Ranger (Epic Hollywood Mix).
36. Metal Warrior Theme (2020 Remix).

Music Credits:-

Metal Warrior 1 & 2: Lasse Öörni.

Metal Warrior 3: Harri Ahola, Juha Jaakkola, Antti Kivilahti, Anders Pettersson, Martti Pärssinen, Teemu Riihonen, Ulrik Ronnovius, Daniel Wuis, Lasse Öörni.

Metal Warrior 4: Harri Ahola, Lionel Gendre, Paavo Härkönen, Juha Jaakkola, Anssi Jääskeläinen, Antti Kivilahti, Bas Kooy, Juho Kotila, Dennis Mott, Daniel Wuis, Lasse Öörni.

Steel Ranger Remixes: Anthony Walters.

Metal Warrior Theme (2020 Remix): Lasse Öörni.

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