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Back In Time Deluxe Mpeg CD-ROM 2


Here is the second instalment of the exciting Back in Time Mpeg CD-ROM saga! This CD-ROM continues from where the first one left off and features another foray into the world of Commodore 64 music remixes.

Once again the CD-ROM utilises HTML presentation to allow easy access to the different sections of the CD. (Please note that the HTML has been optimised to run on the PC only, although the actual Mpegs themselves will play with no problems on both the PC and Mac). The Mpegs have been arranged by composer (in the guide pages), and arranger (in the file structure) and the CD-ROM also contains some bonus extra goodies which can be accessed from the main HTML menus.

Techie stuff aside, what about the MUSIC?! The CD-ROM features well over a hundred remixed C64 tracks including some great remixes by Chris Abbott (which include some tracks that didn't make it onto Back in Time 2 along with fab remixes of the Ocean Loader theme, Thundercats, Arkanoid and many more!) There's also a hefty "Last Ninja" section with remixes of tracks from ALL the Last Ninja games! As well as that you get a stunning array of dance mixes from Instant Remedy, a fabulous track from Jogeir Lildejahl and cool remixes by Ferrara, Makke, Doxx, FeekZoid, Peter Connelly, Puffy, the Dead Guys, Soundwavers and many others!! You even get to hear more of what Rob Hubbard has been getting up to in the USA (to quote the old ACE tape).

So now you know more about who did the remixes but which tracks have actually been remixed? It's an interesting pot-pourri indeed! There's the aforementioned Last Ninja tracks along with remixes of classics like Thrust, Comic Bakery, Elektra Glide, Lightforce, Knucklebusters (yep, the IN-GAME track!!), Ghosts & Goblins, Zynaps, Star Paws, Delta, Enigma Force, Crazy Comets, Mega Apocalypse and many others!! Musicians covered include Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Benn Daglish, Fred Gray, Tim Follin and Jeroen Tel.

As well as oodles of Mp3's you also get an array of XM modules on the CD-ROM, some highly unusual C64 remixes courtesy of "Maybebop" and the "Xmas Chortles" crew (the latter has a section which has been specially updated for the BZ version of this CD-ROM!) and you even get a couple of photo's of Chris Abbott and Benn Daglish hard at work creating more mindblowing C64 remixes. What more could you want?

The CD-ROM comes presented with a full colour CD inlay inspired by the design for the "Back in Time 2" CD. Only copies of the CD-ROM purchased from Binary Zone Interactive feature this inlay.

Please note:- Contrary to its name, this CD-ROM does NOT feature the tracks from the CD "Back in Time 2".

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