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Back In Time Deluxe Mpeg CD-ROM


This PC compatible CD-ROM features over 70 full length music tracks stored as Mp3 files which can be played back with any music players which support the Mp3 file format (Winamp, Sonique etc.) This CD was originally created to try to bring together the best C64-replated MPEGs on the Internet (this volume covers music released up to about July 1998), and also to let into the public domain tunes which couldn't originally be released on CD for licencing reasons, or because they were too lightweight.

This CD-ROM contains an amazing array of Mp3's by Chris Abbott, the creator of the CD-ROM, along with tracks by the Dead Guys (creators of an outrageous Paperboy mix!), Instant Remedy (responsible for some stunning dance remixes of C64 tracks), Tim Forsythe, Trace and MORE! The CD-ROM contains around 13-14 hours of music in total!!

As a bonus it also includes Philipinos, Jeff Minter, the scariest MPEG in the world, a COMPLETE original album by Chris Abbott, and modern EA music from David Whittaker and Rob Hubbard. All MPEGs are encoded at 128 or 112kbps, with HTML link pages (which work best on PC).

Highlights of this CD-ROM include an extensive Jeroen Tel section, many Outrun and Space Harrier tunes, three versions of Lightforce and there's even a version of Mutants that didn't find its way onto the first "Back in Time" audio CD! As an additional bonus it includes every single MIDI produced by Chris Abbott and his cronies. It even features Smurfs! What more do you want??

The CD-ROM comes presented with a full colour CD inlay inspired by the design for the original "Back in Time" CD. Only copies of the CD-ROM purchased from Binary Zone Interactive feature this inlay. Contrary to its name, this CD-ROM does NOT feature the tracks from the CD "Back in Time".

Please note:- This CD-ROM is being distributed by Binary Zone Interactive WITH PERMISSION from Chris Abbott. Interestingly, this came about completely by accident! Due to a misunderstanding it was reported in a certain C64 magazine that I was selling copies of this CD-ROM without Chris knowing about it. This of course was completely untrue and the person had got this CD mixed up with my non-profit range of "Sound Interface Device" audio music CD's. I soon sorted all this out with Chris who very kindly allowed me distribute this CD anyway!! So a bit of badly researched and incorrect press ended up doing us all a favour in the end. Stwange but twoo!

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