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The Binary Zone PD CD-ROM Collection [2CD Set]


Now available exclusively from Binary Zone Interactive at long last is the BINARY ZONE CD-ROM COLLECTION This is basically a PC/MAC compatible CD-ROM that contains every single disk from the Binary Zone PD C64 catalogue!

Absolutely every last demo, utility, PD game, disk magazine, animation, megademo and slideshow can be found on this incredible CD-ROM! All the disks have been converted into standard .D64 disk images which are compatible with most of the C64 emulators that are currently available.

The CD-ROM contains over SEVEN HUNDRED disk images (which would cost over £600 if you were to buy each disk separately) which have been carefully compiled over a TEN YEAR period! This isn't just another demo collection which has been ported onto the PC - this is the ENTIRE Binary Zone PD disk catalogue which features literally HUNDREDS of custom compiled C64 disks!!

The BINARY ZONE CD-ROM COLLECTION also contains BONUS EXTRAS including the original 1993/1994 releases from Psytronik Software, over 40 disks of PD adventure games courtesy of 'The Guild Adventure Software', CD quality mp3s of all the tracks from the first four 'Sound Interface Device' music CDs, bonus Binary Zone PD disks + more!!

This package also contains the BINARY ZONE CD-ROM COLLECTION 2 (CD-ROM). This disc contains all the disks from Binary Zone Disk Catalogue Update 13 in .D64 format along with a whole host of bonus extras. This disc features enhanced HTML presentation which can viewed using your Internet browser.

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