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Trance Sector [C64 Tape]



TRANCE SECTOR is the latest C64 release from Richard Bayliss, author of the hugely popular C64 game Sub Hunter. The game takes place on an unnamed planet in a deadly nuclear reactor created by alien race known as the 'Cygma Elite'. You must guide your craft around 32 levels collecting the radioactive nuclear pods while avoiding obstacles and enemy seekers. Can you reach the end of the TRANCE SECTOR to eliminate this deadly alien threat?

The tape version of TRANCE SECTOR is presented in a clear cassette case featuring full-colour cover artwork rendered by Mat Recardo.

** STORY **

Signals from a distant, unnamed planet have been intercepted by Planet Earth. These have revealed details of an intergalactic threat from a race that call themselves the Cygma Elite. A strike team has been mobilised and sent to explore the planet to find out more about the alien threat. The team discovered that the Cygma Elite have built a series of factories that are producing radioactive nuclear pods. These deadly pods have been stored in a huge 32 storey facility called the TRANCE SECTOR. Reports from our team indicate the Cygma Elite are planning to use the pods stored in the TRANCE SECTOR to build the Cygma Armageddon Bomb - a huge bomb that poses a risk not only to Earth, but to the entire solar system!

Your mission: Enter the TRANCE SECTOR, collect the nuclear pods from each of the 32 levels - this will cause a cascade reaction that will destroy the facility - before it destroys US!


• Awesome techno soundtracks!

• Slick presentation!

• 32 levels to battle through!

• Excellent bitmap loading screen!

• Package includes normal & challenger's editions!

• Animated End sequence!


Programming, graphics, storyline and music by Richard Bayliss

TND intro and menu logo by Johan Janssen

Loading picture and technical support by Achim Volkers

Disk turbo loader source by Martin Piper

Original Tape Loader and mastering by Daniel Kahlin

Alternative Tape Loader by Martin Piper with mastering by Richard Bayliss

Cover artwork rendered by Mat Recardo

Packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

Beta Playtesting by Richard Bayliss, Kenz, Frank Gasking and Vinny Mainolfi


When you order this Psytronik Software disk you will also be sent a link so you can download an emulator compatible version of the game for FREE. You can load the .TAP and .D64 files into any of the popular C64 emulators (including WinVice & CCS64) and this means you can play the Psytronik Software titles on your PC!

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