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Barnsley Badger (Digital Download) [C64]

This is a glorious platformer ! Controls controls controls - the best I have found on a platformer. Possibly the best control system of all time !? This is *smooth*. There are no 'impossible jumps' which constantly use up lives. No 'falling between levels' and oops - dead again. The game feels like it is on your side - it wants to be played and it is very easy to play - but it is not an easy game. There is a lot of game here - it has taken me a good 10 hours to complete - I needed to map it. And just when I thought I was there - nope - more to do ! Lovely graphics - very Speccy which I dont mind on the 64 (but without the colour clash). Great presentation. Love the music ! This is class. Never thought I'd see something so good 30+ years later. Another Zzap Sizzler from Psytronik. Top banana.
Date Added: 06/09/2017 by laurence hoare
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Soulless C64 Vinyl Soundtrack Kickstarter